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Spray Tan 101: How to Start Your Own Business in 2023

If you are looking for a lucrative and rewarding business opportunity, spray tanning might be the perfect choice for you. Spray tanning is a safe and healthy alternative to sun exposure or tanning beds, and it can give your clients a natural-looking glow all year round. You can start your spray tan business in 2023 with little upfront cost and training, and offer either mobile or in-studio services. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of starting your spray tan business in 2023, including how to select your equipment and solution, how to brand and market your business, and more.

The first step to starting your spray tan business is deciding what type of service you want to provide: mobile or in-studio. A mobile spray tan business allows you to travel to your clients’ homes or offices and spray them there. This can save you money on renting a space, but you will need reliable transportation and a portable booth or tent. An in-studio spray tan business requires you to have a physical location where your clients come to you. This can give you more control over the environment and equipment, but you will have to pay for rent and utilities.
The type of spray tan business you choose depends on your budget, preferences, target market, and availability. You can also start with one type and transition to another as your business grows. For example, you can start as a mobile spray tan business and then open a studio when you have enough clients and capital.

The next step is to choose your spray tan equipment and solution. There are different types of spray tan machines and guns available, such as HVLP (high volume low pressure), LVLP (low volume low pressure), or airbrush. You will need to consider factors such as the noise level, the spray pattern, the portability, and the maintenance of the equipment. You will also need to select a spray tan solution that suits your clients’ skin tones and preferences. There are different brands and formulas of spray tan solutions, such as organic, vegan, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, etc. You will need to test different solutions and see which ones give you the best results.

The next step is to market your spray tan business and draw customers. There are many ways to advertise your spray tan business, such as social media, online directories, flyers, website, newspapers, etc. You will need to identify your target market and create a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competitors. You will also need to build a loyal customer base by offering incentives, discounts, referrals, and excellent customer service.

A studio spray tan business has higher startup costs because you have to rent or own a space, pay for the utilities, and outfit and adorn it. You also have more overhead costs such as rent, insurance, taxes, and maintenance. However, a studio spray tan business also has more reliability, professionalism, and convenience. You can have a fixed location, schedule, and income. You can also have more control over the environment and lighting, and offer more privacy and comfort to your clients.

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